Sunday, July 13, 2008

sigh the world hates me

man i feel like such a wimp. all this stuff happening and i just get depressed. first i find out my wheel lacing is messed cause i have the wrong spoke length. which means i have to spend another 64 dollars on a budget that is already way blown.
i can't do anything today cause my loser ass soccer team has to play another loser ass game which we will lose cause no one knows how to play soccer. then they blame me for it. and if i'm playing soccer i can't buy the parts i need, or chill with my friends who i told i could chill with. and can't go to my friends garage sale and can't apply at the place i want to. and now earl is pissed cause i dropped some truth and he don't wanna hear it. (earl if you're reading this i'm sorry i just thought you should know cause man i can name five other blogs doing that right off the top'a my head) i have no money and i need new soccer cleats i need more parts i need money!!!!! stupid july birthdays god damn it!!!!!!

i guess what i'm trying to say is . i want to just ride somewhere and forget all of this.


earl the pearl said...

yeah i know i'm not stupid. I just wanted to do something fun. maybe you didn't read that clearly. " SOMETHING FUN".

Jay said...

Chin up rye, before you know it, summer will be over and we'll all be complaining about the weather again.

vuudoo said...

i hope camp cheers you up man