Sunday, July 27, 2008

interesting vallllllllyyy iiinterestingu

slept in today to no surprise i haven't had a day off in four weeks... after chillin with peeps i went to get soccer gear. apparently all soccer shops don't open sundays (who can blame them..) so instead i got bubble tea and wandered around aimlessly. went to sharpy's to check out gear and bikes. got the total d-bag routine from mountain bike dude.

-hi i'm looking for a 700c 10-speed wheel do you have anything?
-no... but i can order one in. and build it for you. how much did you wanna spend?
-oh not too much.
-you do know a good road wheel will cost in the hundreds... *sarcastically*
-yea i know..(wtf)
then i just walk away from mountain bike retard who just blew a sale.

then after that i hung out with alice the bubbly tea girl she gave me free gelato!!! shh don't tell anyone. talked about our mutual friends and jobs etc usual alice ryan stuff then i went on my way. i went to consign and home and picked up these.

if you haven't figured it out by now i like hendrix.

walked home passed by this

thing was just chillin there. must have been hit by a car or something cause it was hella gimped i went right up to it and it just flopped around. for a second my peta'ness kicked in and i thought about picking it up and rescuing it, but then i thought why mess with mother nature. there are enough of those noisy bastards flying around anyways.

blah blah blah went home ate sat around then picked up this!!!!
my new road bike. it's a pursuit frame so its got a sloped top tube.

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vuudoo said...

sounded like a nice day.
big suprise on the last photo lol