Friday, April 25, 2008

epiphany .

something i just realized about myself: i really don't like spoiled kids.

kids that get whatever they ask for from mommy or daddy. even kids that don't know they're spoiled. which in a way are worse. cause they don't even know the displeasure of not getting what they ask for. kids that get money just shoved in their pockets.
man i have bills to pay, food to buy and make, but i can handle this stuff. lets see one of those spoiled princes or princesses fend for them selves without that unlimited source of money know as parents.

it really suddenly struck me. i respect people that can build what they need with their own two hands. my life has given me that gift. i remember wanting things and imagining them and instead of asking i'd build them or work towards them. cause as far back as i remember i've had a job . since i was 6 i had a paper route. then at 12 i worked with my dad now i have a job. i never got that handout stuff i got what i worked for. and that has taught me the value of money. not the market value not the street value not even the bang for your buck value. but the blood sweat and tears value. something that costs 80 dollars is 10! hours of work gone in less then 10! seconds.

so my church friends say come on! lets go eat! come on it's not that much. but you know what? screw them! they get money from mommy and daddy... YOU KNOW WHERE MY MONEY COMES FROM?!?!?! me ! so screw you when you say "come on!" cause i know the meaning of value. you! you just started working the past few years of your life. try 14 years then tell me if you feel the same way.

the same people pressured me into getting a cell phone they'd be like" when. are. you. going. to get a cell phone already!!?"
and i'd just be like "i dunno... cell phone? do i really need one?" they all have cell phones cause their parents bought them. when i get a cell phone it's with MY money! contract signed with MY blood. don't bs me with that crap about get a cell phone .

sigh this has turned from an epiphany to a rant. much apologies. much love. peace and unity


Jay said...

dude- i agree with you 100% on this one. Much more respect and love goes out to those people who can be independant and take financial responsibilities.

My parents are more a resource then an actual source of income, and i beleive it should be like that. They don't give hand outs- no, I don't think i've ever gotten an allowance from them. From time to time they do get me things of value, but they are for necessity more than anything.

The way I see it- is that in the times and the social athmosphere we live in, it's hard work to be as independant as you rye. People who take advantage of their position, in the WRONG way (as in spoiled kids), by not helping themselves become more independent.. well they'll come into the real world sooner or later.. the later they realize this the harder it will be for them. Unless mommy and daddy supports them when they are 30+ too.

I know travis is in the same boat sometimes- money is always tight with that guy, but you know we enjoy his company enough that i'm willing to front to cost just because he's my friend and i wanna hang out with him. I wouldn't want him to miss out on fun. Yeah you might look at it as charity.. people have too much god damn pride about that things. I would just feel humbled that my friends would support me at hard times.

Thanks for buying me bubbble tea at JC last time buddy.

Flora said...

Your post made me think and I think I'm spoiled. I hope you don't hate me ._.

rye said...

hahahaha of course i don't hate you flora.

Anonymous said...

sometimes it just appears as if people have money. but they don't. it's called credit cards and debt. but then there are those who do get things handed to them whatever they want, whenever they want. but they'll learn soon enough that life isn't actually like that and it might actually hit them harder when they do have to do things on their won. oh, and not all the people from that church get everything handed to them, although, i wouldn't count myself as being from that church...