Monday, April 14, 2008


damn piece of trash stupid no good garbage dumb ass retard crap smelly junkkkk i hate taxes!! i hate the man!!
i don't care what the bible says about obeying the government.. the government SUCKS BALLS!!
seriously i hate the man.. police, boss, government, school system ^@#%*@&&^$(@*^&$*@&^&*!(&^*(&^!\

anyways just had to get that out of my system. today i just started to try and file my tax return. it... is... death...
the forms are written in a what can only be seen as a different language. the forms book is actually only forms in book form...
and the book that explains how to do this is 99% retard. it is about "your spouses net income... new home... what if you owe greater then the balance...etcetc" i'm so frustrated that to get my money back i have to do this impossible form and crap. something gives me the feeling that the government does this on purpose just so idiots like me never get their money back those evil bastards!!!i'm gonna use my forms as toilet paper before i send them in freakin nazis..

if you didn't get any of that. in a nutshell I HATE TAXES!


vuudoo said...

the only thing guranteed in life is death and taxes.

how nice.

ryan + the real world =/.
see ya there soon bud.

Flora said...

Damn I feel sorry for you... my dad has to do taxes for my whole family plus my grandparents every year and it looks like a pain in the bum like you described, except times 6. I was supposed to fill the forms out myself this year, but I got sick and now I'm busy studying... I feel like spoiled brat. Anywho I hope it all works out.