Thursday, September 11, 2008

chillin time

been taking a few days off of everything to just chill. it' kinda nice but i kind of feel guilty at the same time for relaxing so much. i think it's cause everyone else is either in school or working, but i'm just laying around reading books playing video games and facebook creeping. well despite this guilt of just laying around the past week has been alright. i do feel a bit unfulfilled lifewise.
i need a new adventure! like a new job or a trip or school or the army . anything! i just need adventure. life is so boring not taking any chances. like pastor darryl always used to say: if you're not living on the edge you're taking up to much space.

just to make this post even more confusing and multi themed heres the book i'm reading .
it's a good book. i like the whole "endless adventure" sorta feel. it's a bit like lord of the rings with the dwarfs and elves and mystical creatures with a bit of harry potter coming of age adventure thrown in.

the other day i bought the sequel "Eldest" the other day cause i'm almost done eragon. perfect timing cause when i finish eldest the third book is coming out on the 20th!! called brisingr. i feel a bit like a little goober for reading these but hey i've seen grown ups read harry potter! so stop judging me!

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terence said...

goober? nerd? loser?

naw i read the series and do i look like a nerd to you