Sunday, September 14, 2008

liveblock party explosion!

there wasn't an explosion at the block party. but!!!! it was super fun! i had a lot of fun riding down there with a motley crew consisting of jay, anthony, and slowpoke(karina) we go there so early like around 12:45 when it starts at 1. so i got a chance to see/hear some cool stuff. got to hear keys n krates doing a rehearsal. i hope they have a cd cause that sound is so fresh!! i just keep watching their youtube videos.
listen to them they're iLL!!!

anyway yea i got my free tshirt from livestock. i was gonna try looking for gman cause he said on via that he'd have one for me but yea didn't even have to ask. i just walked into livestock looked at their new stuff and the guy that always helps me when i go there just came out with a tshirt that was my size and was like "hey did you get one yet?"

i put stickers everywhere. i ran into bob k again he was glad to see me wearing his hat. he told me it's from italy, bonus!

i enjoyed cyphering with my hommies. but i pretty much wussed out when colin and hakai and rory came. too intense for me.
so i decided to just leave. but on my way i spot these cars rolling down the street and they pull into the parking lot.

i asked this guy if i could take his picture with his car he obliged

anyway there is too much to blog about and my mind is getting hazy it was bad enough putting all those photos on facebook..


Flora said...

I wanted a t-shirt with a skull with yellow teeth! Sounds like fun, I missed out.

Jeff said...

nice rides!