Friday, October 10, 2008

bob k? BOB K!!!

did the whole world except me know that bob kronbauer was some sort of genius/big deal?
i new he ran vancouver is awesome but i just thought he was some sort of regular dude... but no! after reading this article i now know his true identity ! ! ! whats weirder still is bob runs crownfarmer ... so when i met him i didn't even know i owned one of his shirts. whats next? am i going to find out my neighbor is futura?

my only fear now is that bob will rise up and smite me for not recognize'n

oh by the way the pole on my new sidebar closed and the verdict was: it stays . 4 votes vs 2
i have a new pole though so if you got like 3 seconds just click one...>>>>>
( this one has been bugging me )


terence said...

so he owns element?

SUP God? said...

did you even read the article?..

vuudoo said...

i don't leave comments as often because i don't work well with the 'Word Verification' security measure.

and bob k will always be the guy that gave you free stuff in my eyes.