Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dear blog sorry for being lazy.

wow i find i really treat this blog like my room. it's neglected, when i should take care of it i just try to avoid it. and when it gets really messy i just step on the parts that aren't covered in clothes..?.. nevermind.

i do have a good reason for the past few days at least. yesterday i was sick . i caught some nasty fever, i had a temperature, i was nauseous, and had a brain splitting migraine. i woke up every 20 minutes it was terrible. and on christmas day! anyway i really didn't want to go to work today. but time and a half plus full shift = greed takes over sickness. jk jk the reason i went to work was because i lost the direct line phone number to my store so i couldn't phone in..

other then being sick and having a migraine christmas was very merry this year even though my dad my sister and cousin and uncle and aunt didn't show up. you see the house is usually full of at least 20 people during christmas. and this year it was 7.
i guess japanese people are in high demand these days.

here are some pictures i wanted to post up earlier but alas my laziness
saw this on the way to work CIMG0147

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