Sunday, December 2, 2007

virgin blog??

so i feel like this blog is so new. almost as if it needs a few more good rants to become a real blog.
break the seal if you will, de-virginize the blogspot, pop the cherr ... urr you get the point.

so i woke up today at around 5:30 to do my regular jog and exercise routine. to the shock and horror that a fresh coat of whitewash had been put all over my backyard. WAIT A SECOND THATS NOT PAINT! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! {as previous post refers.} dang. looks like no jog today, looks like no biking to work neither. which are for the most part the highlights of my day (apart from talking to janice when i get home from work of course)

so i cuddled up to my pillows and went back to sleep. i woke up around 11:30 cause janice wanted some help with her project something about a camera, film, yada yada, i had already told her i would days earlier which made this conversation both frustrating and slightly trivial. after that i went back to sleep for about an hour then woke up for real. i usually eat some fresh fruit and my quakers oatmeal honey cinnamon mmmmmmmmmm. but seeing as how i didn't jog i wasn't in the mood. so i ate some rice with a fried egg . anyways, to speed this along a bit. brian came over, we chilled as usual, he left for a hot date . i stayed for a hot date with LD.

work was same ole same ole. coworkers joked about my attire as we walked out. me: bundled up like an inuit, them: laughing at me in there thin jackets no hats no gloves no boots. psshh lets see if you're still laughing when i'm toasty warm and you're a buncha popsicles.

i walked to the bus stop . but something caught my attention! there were people there!?! theres never people there( i get off work at 10:30pm). i shrugged it off made a couple snowballs to pass time. then more came.{ where the heck were they coming from?} then even more, then more until pretty soon there was a line up at the bus stop... apparently there was some sort of emo convention going on at the pne stadium place. something called a soasin. clearly beyond my level of emo-understanding. anyways not much else to talk about other then some stupid girl was only wearing a t-shirt and gloves... i mean what exactly is the point of the gloves if you have no bloody jacket on!!?

there blog you are now officially a blog! woohoo

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