Sunday, June 1, 2008

sick sick sick

so i went to see the doctor today. apparently i have a virus in my stomach. and it's going around lately. she said she had 5 people already came in with the exact same thing. and it was just for today. so please listen to my warning and wash your hands really thoroughly before you eat or even if you're just coming home. cause this sucks!!!!!!!!

today sucked so bad. probably one of the worst days i've ever had. i woke up thinking i was fine. then a few minutes after i left my house for work, my stomach started acting up. sharp pains and nausea. all i could do was sit there in my dads truck as he did all the work. we were in north shore so i couldn't get a quick ride home. i had to wait til he was done. i sort of expected my stomach to get better. but it didn't, just like thursday.

except today was worse. cause i was trapped in my dads truck all day. i ended up trying to help him for one job but it just got too painful. i called pastor darryl and judith they helped a lot i think. they comforted me and prayed with me. which put me at ease a lot. i got to sleep, but every now and then i'd get a sharp pain in my stomach and i'd wake up. i was so choked to be sick again.. i really thought i was better. but apparently not. today i was looking forward to a lot of things. dtp battle with yong, and the race at queen e. man this sucks so much. i was really reaally looking forward to this day! and this happens.

anyways please please please!!!!! listen to my warning and wash your hands thoroughly and often. you don't want what i got. trust me.

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adrian said...

get well soon man, sucks being sick =/