Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sweet freedom day:3

sleeping in the bathtub has taught me a few valuable lessons. one, bathroom is a creepy place to sleep. as i turned off the lights to sleep i suddenly remembered all the stories of bloody marry and the bathroom mirror. two, a bathtub is made for bathing, not sleeping. i woke up curled in the fetal position and decided i'd be better off just sleeping on the bathroom floor. one advantage of sleeping in the bathroom is as soon as you wake up you can take your morning leak right away(not sure if girls have this ritual).
but anyway for day three i slept in my mom's room. my only surprise was that her room is a lot more quiet and has a wicked view. apart from that it was no bathtub.

I'm starting to really feel the repercussions of not having someone else around. making food for myself is a real pain. i eat at the weirdest times. and i have the distinct feeling that if i lived by myself i'd be a fat albert.

anyhow i got this dvd called bootleg sessions

fixed gear riding feels like a fad sometimes just cause of how many other people are suddenly getting into it. but on the other hand people said the same thing about bboying and at the time they had no idea it was just the beginning. i feel the same way about fixed gear bikes. this is just the beginning, the guys that are good now are just unlocking the tip of potential. we're on something big. thats not just a movement it's an entire culture.

i mean there is something very cool about being at the forefront of something new and fresh thats not totally mapped out. anyway i guess some people are afraid to be labeled as fad'sters. i'm not i know this is just the beginning

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