Saturday, February 23, 2008

cell phone hell phone?

i got a cell phone today. it is still yet to be answered wether it is a blessing or a curse.

because for me a cell phone is to me, as facebook is to ronsolo(inside joke).
by finally giving in to getting a cell phone i give in to crazed friends trying to reach me and tell me where to go and how to get there and why i should go and and and... i'm just scared that now that i have a cell phone it will dictate my whole life. as opposed to before when someone needed me i'd be off in la la land. my excuse? i don't have a cell phone suckas. but now...
too bad so sad i cry. now if someone needs me i have no excuse to listen to their beckon call(no pun intended).

i came to the sudden realization that i would not survive this next summer without one.(at least my social life wouldn't)
thats probably the only reason i decided to get it. other then that i'm deadly afraid of this conformity. i do not welcome this cell phone. instead i poke and prod it curiously. wondering when will it transform to it's true form; a black slimy monster that consumes me through my ear.

maybe i'm just exaggerating . we will see..

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