Friday, February 15, 2008

i met a pretty cool guy on the bus the other day. his name was mike, apparently he works at this japanese community centre downtown. mostly he just drives the old people around and hangs out with them. mike is caucasian by the way. anyways, he was telling me how during the war his granpa was the mayor of Greenwood, a small internment camp town in interior BC. and how japanese people who went back to japan would write his granpa letters about how they felt like strangers in their own country. and asking for certain supplies, needle, thread, sugar etc.

we had an interesting little chat. i knew he was genuine just by the passion he showed. he gave me a lot of respect just for being second generation japanese canadian. which is refreshing instead of some numnuts who watches anime all day, or some goob who listens to japanese pop music but doesn't understand a single word giving me respect for dumb reasons.

he was like night and day compared to the dick head italian who lives down the block. that called me and my dad f-ing chinks. my dad told him the craziest come back... i don't even know why... he was just like "if you've been here for that many generations why are you so stupid?"

anyway valentines day was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! i'm just glad to make janice happy :) just making her smile makes me all warm and rainbowy inside.

ps.if anyone finds a photo booth photo of me and my girlfriend please return it to me ... stupid shallow pockets. stupid long photo...

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