Thursday, February 28, 2008

sometimes life can throw us curve balls. unexpected, unprovoked, and unwanted.
and everyone has their source for answers. some ask God to give them answers, some ask themselves for answers, and some even ask other people for answers. but let me tell you something, if someone had all the answers they'd be God, and if someone had all the answers and they were God?... then why not just ask God in the first place. thats my thought process anyway.

but right now I'm drawing a blank. nobody has the answer to this question right now. not God not me not anyone.

what do you then? when you have a problem a deep wound that won't stop bleeding no matter what.
some would give up, go crazy and let go. but others (and this is something i've based my life around) others get going when the going gets tough. like in the warriors that cult classic. you know "warriors come out to playeyay*clank-clank-clank*". in the movie there is this scene where they're all running from the baseball furys in the park. then all of a sudden one of the guys stumbles or something and he can't run anymore. and he says i can't run anymore. then ajax the gang's hot head says "GOOD CAUSE I'M TIRED OF RUNNING!" and puts up his fists. this is the kind of mentality i look up to. strength, determination, and a stubbornness to quit.

even so this still does not answer this aching question in my heart. what to do?

in life i've noticed a few things. when people have big problems they can let them fester and grow and soon take over their life and attitude. OR they can say "I'm tired of running" and can confront their fear/pain/loss/failure head on. when life pitches us a curve ball i say swing away. cause our lives should not be dictated by our fears/pains/losses/failures. instead it should be our resilience. to say NO every time to that voice inside that says "oh just give up".

i know it won't be easy for him. but he's gotta stop running sometime and when he does i plan to be there for him.
take care and God bless, terence.

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