Tuesday, March 4, 2008

bboy game

you know, lately i've been thinking a lot about that'ole bboy game. i always get philosophical with this ish.
i've been thinking, i have everything it takes to be a good bboy if not at least a decent bboy. i have crazy stuff i haven't even showed anyone yet(most anyone). i have fitness, endurance, balance, strength, some flexibility lol ... and creativity . but i've been thinking about this one thing a lot. i don't have enough confidence. i mean i've been training at bboying for 2 maybe 3 years now and i've just started battling the last year or so. and i really realized that confidence is really hindering me from being better. i know guys that lack in skill and strength and endurance etc, and yet they have so much confidence. and they can destroy me. why is that? i think ever since this battle i've really been struggling with this junk.

i know that when i battle for styleforce it's not styleforce i'm battling for. it's essentially me i'm repping and i guess i forget that.

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