Thursday, March 20, 2008

mission success

so now that my secret mission is over i can finally spill the beans.
basically what i was doing the other day was filming interviews with some of Terence's friends. and editing the footage, and finalizing the purchase. luckily my friend bill stepped up to the plate to buy the ipod touch. since i procrastinated the collecting of money like a mofo. while bill took care of that i got the interviews done. (drama happened) which threw me way off schedule! i got five interviews done before 7:48 then after the dramamama was resolved i got started again at around 10. so thank God for kelvin. he drove me around to the people's house's to get the rest of the interviews done. by the time we had finished filming it was 1am and i went home grabbed a bite then continued 2...3..4.56 before i knew it it was 9 am and i was adding the finishing touches to the video bill came by at 10:30 to drop off the ipod so i could put the video on it . but converting the file took forever so it couldn't have been done in time. we ended up just taking lappy to the airport to show terence.
the video

everything went well. terence was so happy and so that made me happy. made me glad i persevered to get it done. a few times i was like " this is impossible.. i am way too tired. i should just sleep" but i'd slap myself a couple of times and said "you won't see him for a long time. you CAN do this!" anyways everything worked out beautifully. i was sad to see him go.
afterwards i felt so emo. brian you were definitely right when you said "he grows on you" man that kid used to be the biggest pain in the ass. but now i don't know what will fill this void. what makes things worse was that i was so tired i forgot to add my part in the video. i wanted to tell him aside from brian that he was like a little brother to me . the kind of kid i'd be glad to have as a little brother and that whenever he needs advice or help to just come to me. i did tell him over msn just a little while ago but it just wasn't the same. oh well as long as he knows i guess it's fine.
i'll definitely miss the little goof ball. i hope he finds a lot of friends in hoko as well and continues to follow God's path for him.

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