Friday, March 14, 2008

flaming text is da bomb!

i just remembered about!!! my sister showed me that site when i was like 10 . word.
anyway not much going on. seems with the late news of no more drive on wednesdays till may, my bboying will take second to my riding. i've been riding a lot lately, since i built up brian's bike we've had more time to chill and just cruise around. i've been getting better fast. i'm trying to learn new tricks and stuff. if i can get good on my bike now, i'll be pro on my new bike. my bike now is so scary. gotta get backwards circles wheelys and one foot skids. don't get me wrong i'm still training my bboy stuff like a mad scientist.... my mind is all over the place. anyways peep this: fixed gear riding is progressing faster then anything i've ever known.. in the first few seconds the guy does a no handed skid.. redonkulous.

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ayeho said...

bikes -> horses -> street lamps?