Friday, March 28, 2008

Picture 1

so the other day when this guy calls me on the way to work

"hey ! i like your bike man i'm interested!"

"OH! nice! well i'm on my way to work now maybe we could talk tonight or tomorrow gimme a call"

"alright man "

so with all the unsubstantiated inquests i was wondering wether this would lead to anything..
i was pretty surprised when the guy gave me a call back this afternoon. apparently his name is kevin.
i was even more surprised when i asked him when he wanted to take a look and he said he'd like to pick it up!!!!!
i was in disbelief

" you mean how heavy is it? "

"no! i'll take it!"



he was a really nice guy actually. i am so psyched that i sold it!!! now i can finally start putting my next bike together
if you've forgotten this is he
Picture 1
i decided to call it SUPER JESUS
after my hero and one of my friends too i guess

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