Saturday, November 8, 2008

"you need to get raw."

something kyle told me. kyle is a weird accent fobby korean kid. but the dudes got maaaaaaaad heart . in a cypher hes not afraid of anybody. hes a good bboy and surprisingly a good friend too.

after bboying for a week i come to a wall. my productivity has come to a halt. i've been doing a lot of traveling practise something that i feel is very important to every bboy. you can't only be good on your own turf . anyways, back on topic i recently discovered a new level to push myself to. i need to stop limiting myself by what my logic tells me and just be raw with it. just step into the circle and take my confidence back. i think i haven't been raw in a long time. and it's time i take it back. otherwise why should i put so much time and energy, blood sweat and tears into this.

a man cannot live without passion. if you have no passion you need to check your pulse.

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