Tuesday, November 4, 2008

summer breeze all in my mind.

ipod i love you. in these days when i feel one price check away from meltdown. my music and my bboying are saving my sanity.
i'm counting the days until my parents get sick of my bs and bitch slap me for free loading.
they have great patience.

but to the point recently my life has been all about avoidance and a lack of balls could be the cause of this.
life throws me one little speed bump and i wimp out completely. i can't keep living in this bubble. if i don't live my life i'll be full of regrets . these are weird old feelings i kinda think it has something to do with being a young single guy again.
girls.. those mythical elusive creatures.

it's time to start planning for the hoko trip and get back to my blogging duties skitch and via well mostly skitch is counting on me!

ugh stupid uncle ben and his advice with the damn great power comes greater responsibility rant uaihfgnkdjafbn&(*!&Y#UIhnjke!^$%#^&*%%#&^*^


vuudoo said...

wake up!!

terence said...

that's called IFC
batman was on it

i live across the sea
the place with all the big towers is central, which is like downtown. i live on the other side where all the old people are. we will get those tickets@!!!