Friday, June 19, 2009

people's instinctive travels...

that sentence has been on replay in my mind for the past two weeks. what does it mean? aside from being a tribe album of course.

is it ...

that people feel a deep inner need to travel? like antelope and deer, they just know in their bones that it's time to move so they move? i'd like to think there is a deeper meaning in there somewhere not what anyone intended, but what i think about.
perhaps people's instinctive travels is less to do about geography and more to do about the heart. the travels of the heart.
still instinctive like the deer and the antelope. this time however to a different place in your heart. over the course of our lives the darkness and lightness of our hearts will change(not the shade mind you, but good and bad) wether you like it or not this is a natural fact. life and experience teaches us to close off the feelings we have, and put up this mask. to guard against being taken advantage of we must act tough walk tough talk tough. because in the end this world this life is no play ground no fairy tale it's harsh and bitter and real, it's dog eat dog world out there... as time passes the little arrow that usually points towards the good side of the heart gradually starts to point to the opposite side. the arrow moves slowly almost un seen, then it gets to the grey area between good and bad, and it teeters between both choices. this is when it is most dangerous. you must make the choice of wether to follow what is good inside you or fall into the bad.

when you're in between it's dangerous for people to be around you. you can't be trusted... i know what it feels like to be in the grey zone. not bad but not quite good either. and you find yourself justifying bitterness and anger, and jealousy, and pain. you let yourself do whatever you feel. you feel angry so you get revenge. you feel sad so you soak yourself in a bottle of alcohol. people's instinctive travels. we just know in our bones that it's time to move, but do you move closer to the edge? or back to the person you were? we all have our reasons. but there is no justification for hurting other people.. and there is no justification for hurting yourself. don't follow the heart of others, follow your own but make a note to care for others.

i feel like this was all a whole bunch of jibberish and random thoughts. i needed to get this out of my head or i'd be muttering "people's instinctive travels" to my self forever.

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terepod said...

i hope your instinctive travels takes you to hong kong buddy.

and a gazillion amens to "dont follow the heart of others..."

oh brotha