Friday, June 26, 2009

christina got it right..

you know sometimes while i ride the skytrain i think to myself "people really are beautiful.." and i think of the christina aguilera song. thats seems pretty gay huh?.. hahah don't worry i'm not some closet christina fan. i just like the lyrics. i think about how much time we spend in the mirror worrying about what people think of us, how people check themselves in the reflections off of buildings and pretty much any surface you see yourself( i am guilty of this too.) humans can be such surface level creatures.

it's ridiculous the way appearance is such an obsession. but in reality beauty is a relative thing, un measurable by any one standard rule. beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? blah blah that whole thing. our eyes are the gateway to some of the worst sins. judgement. sometimes you look at someone and almost subconsciously rate them against your standards, like they woke up today got dressed went out the door specifically to be judged by your stupid brain. "this person looks weird.." "this person has a stupid shirt on" " does this guy know how bad hes dressed?" and the worst ones i'll leave up to you.. my point being we sure can be dicks sometimes. if only we could be blind, just all of us blind. then again knowing the human obsession with beauty we'd find a way to judge the voices we hear. when i see another human first i look at their clothes their face then i start to wonder what is his life like? what is her life like? wondering what makes this person beautiful. every person is beautiful and you must believe this to be true, or what chance do we stand? everyone has the ugly parts of them.. maybe their anger, maybe their attitude, maybe their hair, maybe they have a big butt. but what we all have in the relm of ugly we have ten times that in beauty. the kindness of a heart, the compassion of your attitude.. try this before you look at someone and say in your head something judgemental and un kind, try asking instead what is this person good at? what does this person love in life. then once you've realized they could do anything and be just about anything the worlds best violinist etc etc. then you can see the beauty in that person no matter what. because it is not the fact that they are good at any one thing or have passion for any one thing. it is that they have that potential..

and potential is a very powerful thing. and potential is beauty and therefore potential is the way you should see everyone no matter what. we each have a great potential and jesus spoke about this endlessly if you wanna find a guy that advocated this way of seeing people then jesus is your man. this whole thing has rambled on long enough. .. so i'll end it with.

believe in people.. because YOU are people..

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MICAHMAE said...

yoooo. i totally think "hey, that person woke up this morning and put on that shirt" in the skytrain sometimes. word.