Wednesday, June 10, 2009


why can't we work it out? male vs female, the constant struggle for understanding hahaha. i just don't understand why it is we so often misconstrue intentions and feelings. as a member of the male gender i can honestly say yes we are stupid. it's almost like you can never be just friends with a girl. that whole when harry met sally ish. the relationship part always gets in the way. on the other hand girls can never be clear with their intentions or feelings. they need to shoot these crazy signals from a ton of angles just to get one point across. i like you. . . then confusion ensues. "i thought you liked me?!" "no.." or worse yet "i had the biggest crush on you why didn't you do anything i thought i made it pretty clear..." "no..." come on! the games people play. i guess what it all boils down to is signals. we live and die by these signals. we need this signal game because the fear of rejection is always lingering in the back of our minds.

it's a frustrating thing isn't it. then you need to factor in the whole girls and saying "hey" conundrum. you see when girls say "hey" it's one of three things 1) they're just being friendly 2) they feel sorry for you and you get a pitty "hey" or 3) they'd like to talk cause they like you. and heres where the big tangle and where the "guys are stupid" comes in to play. guys never think of 1 or 2 first.... they only think of 3. then we get into a whole mess of sub-problems like avoiding the approach and avoiding the "hey" altogether. we always have to be so careful with each other.

most of the time what guys want and what girls want are two different things. get it straight already! you need to be careful with your heart! don't just give it to anybody! if he wants something else.. then don't waste your time. he sees your heart in your pants, she just sees his heart. girls need to stop walking blindly towards every guy that shows interest. test everything through fire, with a fine tooth comb! a girl must be worth a fight! and a guy must fight for worth. if you can't tell the difference between a guy that calls you hot and a guy that calls you beautiful then you kind of need to reevaluate your understanding of relationships.

when i was a young go getter i wrote this poem. and it makes a whole lot more sense in retrospect. this is the best advice i can give:

"that four letter word love.
oh ! she is elusive i know that much.
and these lines too serve little permanence.
because sweet and perfect things fade.
and the glory forgotten.
will there be a memory of your beauty?
flowers are a testament to the 
fragile souls within our bodies.
just as easily wither away.
and their tender petals soft, wilt.
they guard their gentle hearts.
fear the scorns future holds.
you naive flowers.
no rose will last forever.
everyone knows beauty is temporary .
love is eternal."


MICAHMAE said...

word up.
when i was away on my grad camping trip, i had a looooong conversation about this whole male vs female + signals thing.
i swear, you're in my head somehow, stealing all my blog ideas.. haha.

terepod said...

im in love