Monday, June 15, 2009

is this a..?

i don't know.


it seems i don't know a lot of things. i'd like to think i know a lot of things. but really i'm just your average guy. with your average flaws and average insecurities and average knowledge.
i think i'm just another cliche.. some dude into hip hop and bboying who likes sneakers and old tv shows with black people like fresh prince.
i am awkward.
i am fidgety.
i am quiet...
i have many stupid ways of going about things. i hate to spoil surprises even if they should be spoiled.
i wonder sometimes who the real me is? i wish i were grounded in who i am.
God is the main focus of my life. or at least that is what it should be.. i find i spend less and less time appreciating God. i'm scared to loose focus again. so many questions are swirling around my mind.
about the future about my life about responsibilities. how can i commit to anything more? this is a big fear of mine.

you..but if i say that word 'you' then it is a reply...
so all i will say is yes, yes i would.. and do!

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