Monday, April 8, 2013


there is something to be said about transparency. the world we live in today so few people can embrace their true feelings. i don't know if it's just easier for me because thats the way i was brought up? or something i've learned over time.. the underlying fact is i do not run from the way i feel. i confront it head on in my thoughts. take this blog for example. there may be about a handful of posts i deleted because i thought either: "no thats stupid.. and crazy and i shouldn't say that.." or "what if they read that.." but for the handful of posts i have deleted i've left up many more confusing and just plain ignorant posts... why? because thats me. thats the truth of how i felt at that time. maybe it's too public for some to be comfortable with but you know what.. i don't hide behind a facade. i don't lie about my life to appear stronger or wiser i'm just me. transparency . i'm a person that can't stand to see injustice or closed minded thinking. i have to speak out! i have to fight! because if i don't i know everyone will just gladly go with the the path of least resistance like sheep being herded into a pen. everyone is too scared to be heard too scared to be real. if you were real you wouldn't be anonymous when you post a comment. or you wouldn't read and not comment.

 the world could stand to be challenged once in a while. anything i write i'm open to accept the criticisms because if i didn't feel as strongly as i did why would i write the things i write? the same goes for an idea : if an idea or logic is sound in its validity then it can take a poke or a prod and it will stand firm because it is the concrete truth. but people get the wrong perception of me that i just blatantly put things on blast because i find it fun or something..

do you know how scary it is to stand up to someone when everyone agrees with them?

transparency in thinking and feeling is better than a build up of emotions and thoughts to the point of pain or worse loss of relationship. we're all only human. no one is perfect.. yet i see soo many people walking around like nothing ever gets to them.. like a disagreement is something to be shoved deep inside until you can't see it or feel it and just forget about it. to me i think this is the definition of "tolerance" ..

why has the world come to terms with this word "tolerance" and deem it to be positive? make no mistake TOLERANCE IS NOT THE SAME AS ACCEPTANCE. with acceptance comes understanding.

isn't tolerance the same as saying "yea you believe what you want to believe you weirdo i'm sound in my own beliefs."


   /ˈtälərəns/ Noun The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

is tolerance higher than understanding? if not then the only way to understanding is challenge or dialogue.

i get this weird feeling every time i see someone who i haven't seen in a while. like they look at me and see into my thoughts or they think they see into my thoughts based off of what they read here. but i don't know who reads these things. i have a small idea but no concrete evidence just a feeling. based off of who i've been surprised to find out reads this blog.. i've come to the conclusion it's possible for anyone to come across my blog or for multiple weirdos to share my blogs amongst themselves and comment to each other what they think is wrong with me. and to you who secretly read with the creepiest of invested attention i say go ahead i don't care. just don't lie to my face when we see each other and pretend like your an outsider to my world. if you're reading the things i write then go ahead and challenge me applaud me or hate me it's better than being a fake or anonymous... the whole reason the title of my blog is "rynonymous" is because i find it funny when people are afraid to show who they are. afraid to show how they feel. afraid to be seen as wrong or stupid. if you're afraid you never learn anything. to my longtime close personal friends this is not directed to you nor you my fellow blogging buddies who i've known since the days of xanga. they get a pass because they know me in reality not just over the internet. they see my face and hear my voice and tone and know i'm just a struggling human like every other wretch on this blue dot. they see my kindness and thoughtfulness in action which will alway ALWAYS be better than an assumption based off of written words.

i'm not perfect and i know it. i have some qualities that might irk some and inspire others but i'm not afraid to just be me. i'm not afraid to step on someones toes to show them their closed minded thinking. and so is it an ugly thing that i don't hide my heart or mind? am i wrong to voice an opinion? if no one challenges my thinking how can i grow and change these things seen as negative attributes? i'm not a mind reader. i'm a human animal like you.(but thats a post for another day)

i'd like to end off saying i know i've done some bad things and questionable things but i'm just me.. you're just you.. we're all just hurt broken people trying to make the best of everything life gives us. to say you've never been hurt or pained by something is ignoring the truth, to say you've never put your foot in your mouth for some stupid shit is ignoring that you're human, to say you've never made a mistake is ignoring that we're all not born perfect saints. our flaws are our character and they define us. i'm sorry if i've ever hurt you, i'm sorry if my actions or behaviour have made you feel pain or hurt. i've got a lot of love to share with everyone if they just talk to me and ask me and understand me.

don't be another anonymous.

love and respect -Rye

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