Saturday, April 20, 2013


this is something i'm pretty proud of. i remember being really stoked after i finished putting it together. and then i decided to show my mom because i was that proud of myself(i've never shown her any video of my dancing before this..) and after watching it(and watching me run off to practise and disappear for long hours into the night and day at least once a week for the last 7 years...) all she said was "that looks like it hurts.." it's funny when we fall short of our parent's expectations. it doesn't matter if everyone in the world is stoked on you if your parents don't care it's worthless.


 as i'm becoming more sure of who i am and what i understand of the world i'm starting to be able to appreciate my self identity more and more. not to the point of ego(which is a pitfall of my previous youthful mindset...) but just a self happiness that i don't care what anyone thinks of me. i'm just happy. 

hope you enjoy it my creepy peeps
 love and respect


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