Sunday, November 28, 2010

making trails walking the road.

the road is long.
the road is narrow.
the road is difficult.
the road is so far from me.
the road is every waking moment.
the road is never giving up on anything.
the road is 100% integrity and zero compromise.
the road is working hard even if no one knows it, or cares.
the road may take you far away from your family and the ones you love.
the road is always there even when you're too tired to go on.
the road is unforgiving and treacherous.
the road cuts you deep, into your flesh.
the road seems endless.

the road is painful..

we all walk the road wether we like it or not.
on the road to character we may lose many pieces, but in ourselves we always find the new pieces
to the puzzle of our destiny.
the puzzle of our mind.
the puzzle of our heart...

every day we walk the road.
and everyday we find out who we are.

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