Saturday, November 27, 2010

children full of life.

i've been looking for this documentary for probably about the past 5 to 6 years.... i finally found it!!!!
when i was in high school taking media arts my teacher Mr Byrne recommended watching the passionate eye on cbc. at that time i didn't really care about documentary film making or much of film making for that matter. i just knew i had some natural talent for it and i liked that i could get high marks. but one night flipping through channels on tv i came across the passionate eye on cbc and decided what the heck lets see what this weird show is about. this was the first episode i ever watched and it changed things for me forever.. it was the right episode to watch... i'll let you see what i saw when i was in grade 10 ...

this will blow you away.

watch all five parts you won't regret it.

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ckp said...

i've never cried so much watching a documentary. This was beautiful, thank you for sharing.