Sunday, January 4, 2009

why spiderman?

you know how i said if someone were to right a book about me my character would be a mix of holden caulfield charly kaufman and spiderman?

if you watch spiderman 2 i think you'd get the picture

but if you have a life and don't got time to watch an entire movie to understand why this guy in the miror is so emo

this might be getting repetitive ..

anyway in other news the site is doing good SUPER GOOD. it's getting there slowly we're building up a readership. i'm excited for when it really starts to blow up! i want free stuff damn it! i can't wait til i start receiving goodies in the mail! thats like one of my favorite things too mail packages with those little foam popcorn things or bubble rap BUBBLE RAP! damn i want free stuff...
anyways i'm gonna watch spiderman 2 again sigh..


Skitch Clothing said...

I'm trying to give you free stuff, only people named Ryan (both of you) seem to be to lazy to both give and recieve it!

I'm just playin but no seriously you need to get your shirt because I ain't paying for postage, but maybe I'll get Lidstone to throw in some bubble rap so you feel better about it.

rye said...

hahahaha thanks man