Thursday, January 15, 2009

olson on MY side..

"i'm so angry at the government! they made me pay for my medical services plan for a little more then a year, it comes out to well over 1000 dollars altogether . even though i was still supposed to be covered under premium service. i paid them anyways every month on time for fear of interest. 7 months ago when they received my tax assessment they realized yes i was indeed covered under premium assistance and therefore were supposed to reimburse the full amount i had been paying them.. so a little later they sent me a cheque i was so excited to get my money back! i opened the cheque and found a total reimbursement of 54 dollars.. WTF. i payed well over 1000.

i called them and they said it would be about 5 months before it could be processed and sent to me. here i am thinking wtf did i pay you bastards for ON TIME if you can't pay me ON TIME. it's been 7 months since that phone call and i still haven't seen a single penny of my money.

the moral of the story. when you turn 19 and you aren't in school and they ask you to pay your msp don't effing do it... those dickheads will do all they can to get your money and they make it so easy for you to pay them but once it's time to get the money back they'll give you the run around.."

thats what i wrote on facebook. and i also sent this story to chris olson this chris olson

he doesn't usually do stories on medical services but i hope they make an acceptation.
I AM SO PISSED OFF.. i swear they don't know who they're messing with.

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vuudoo said...

its beeen around 2 weeks since a post.

your blogging brain still dead from earl's absence?