Tuesday, January 15, 2008

today i woke up early for some reason.. i usually sleep in until 1 or 2 then ride to work at 4:30 .
but today is different i woke up at 9 which is early to me considering i only wake up that early once a week and thats for Jesus(not jr)

so anyway my plans for today are to pack a lunch, go out withdraw some cash, see my buddy tyler at superchamps.
ride to future shop and return a cd. then pick up a couple a packs of yo raps then tear into them like a crack head and a dime bag. then probably just head to work. all on my trusty steed.


so i went to super champs to check up on my bag. turns out all they had left were the new ones i took me literally 20 minutes to decide what to do eventually i decided to get a new one. they're pretty neato theres only 25 in north america....

so i didn't get to get my yo raps since i forgot. instead, i picked up a bunch of tshirts for cheap for some reason anti social was getting rid of all it's tshirts for 30 for 3. anyways i rode to livestock to take a peep funny thing is cyrus saw the livestock sticker on my bike and he was so impressed he gave me a copy of the new livestock mix.

after that i met up with brian cause i knew his agenda to get alife. i bumped into mr rocket on the way there he was very cool despite the fact a week ago i kicked his balls.. brian and i chilled at tnt for a minute then off i went to work .

today was a strange day. not that my other days aren't like this, but today especially all the pieces fell right into place.

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