Monday, January 21, 2008



so i was watching the bridge to terabithia. i was like aww this is nice. i hope my kids will be like this leslie kid shes cute.
so the movie kept going and i was like: i wonder what crazy adventure they'll have next? then... i was like no way, nu uh, no you diin't.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! disney you evil bastards! thats no kids movie ! no one ever dies in kids movies! and if they do it would be the bad guy or grampa in his sleep NOT LIKE THIS!!! i could not believe it. now i know why elaina was crying in grade 5. needless to say this movie is depressing.. . . now i want to read the book . ugh. i gotta shake this feeling. maybe i'll watch a happy movie now. or read one of my non depressing novels. everything aside it was a very good movie if you're in to that depressing stuff. it's funny cause i remember they were marketing it as a narnia rip off. and that turned a lot of people off including me. but after watching it i can't really think of any other way to advertise it without giving away the story.. by the way if i spoiled it for anyone sorry.

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