Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a bunch of crap i'm thinking.

what if i was a girl. what if instead of two girls one boy my parents had three girls. what would my life be like?

God, i feel lonely.

i think i'm kind of like a dog, a loyal companion. waiting for my master, through rain and snow, just waiting.

am i a "catch"? what defines a "catch"? cook clean and a kind heart?

i wish someone would just "catch" me already.

i keep having all these weird dreams about companionship...

i shouldn't have eaten that candy.

i should have eaten dinner.

i wish i didn't read that.

sometimes you just need to escape this world.

life is like a free floating feather, dancing to the sway of the wind this way and that way. whenever you try and catch it it slips through your fingers. there is something so majestic about it's mystery. we inhabit this space and time in this one dimension of world we see. but the feather floats on here there where ever it wants really, both unpredictable and unchanged by our choices. but we can all hope that for one split second of our lives that feather will fly and gently drop right into our hands. so we can admire it, if only for that one moment. then as soon as it came it flew right away.


terepod said...

if i were a girl, i'd say that's the most beautiful thing i've ever heard in my life!!!

but i'm a guy so i'm just gonna say dude that's a good analogy.

skype me soon.

MICAHMAE said...

its nothing ry...