Friday, August 21, 2009

as my mind becomes weary and i begin to drift closer and closer to the manufactured colors of my subconscious. i think of life. is it a circle or is it a line? do we travel straight, or do we travel only to find we've come back to where we started?

i hear sounds, chiming of the winds touching metal, metal touching metal, reverberating the air traveling through the breeze across the fence across the grass through the window and in to my ears. subtle sounds of leaves blowing, clapping like a gentle applause. the night time breeze is quite beautiful, soothing. i used to think God is the wind blowing the leaves. i'd look up at the waves of air moving across the sea of leaves like long flowing hair, the trees breathing, the grass dancing, like a child's hand feeling water of a pond. wind by scientific explanation is the un even heating of the surface of the earth causing low and high pressure areas: wind. but i like my definition better... the novelty of God's wind has not worn off on me. as i sit and meditate on life i can only smile as i feel the gust of wind.

i don't care about phone calls or text messages, all i really want is ice cream... i could really go for some right about now.

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