Monday, May 11, 2009

jockin on the wrong door..

be forewarned this is going to be a blog with many different thoughts and a lot whining.

what pops into mind right now are movie titles, this is how i rationalize life and reality, with the utterly fake? yea i know... anyways, movies like when harry met sally, a lot like love, the notebook , and ooh finally a book great expectations. what do these have in common? they're all about people who meet under the wrong circumstance or the wrong time and just don't work it out. but in the end in true hollywood form manage to get it together by the end. (with one exception to the list. i won't tell you just in case you haven't watched or read them all)

what i'm getting at here is maybe i've been jockin on the wrong door... perhaps somewhere down the road her and i will meet and that will be the right time, or perhaps not even at all. it's a hard thing to do to tell yourself it was never meant to be, it's a even harder thing to tell your self you'd better move on. it's like if your mom kicks you out of your house. it's easy to sit there on the lawn, it's the hardest thing on the planet to walk away.

a lot of questions have been kickin around this big ole noggin o'mine. a lot of deep philosophical questions, questions that if i write down i will be called lamesauce so i won't. instead i'll tell you about my trip.
next week i'm going to pay all my bills, buy some food, a helmet, some spare tools, a map, and venture off on my bike. where ever the road takes me. no phone no computer just what i can carry on my back and my bible. weather permitting and God willing i'll only be gone for 3 days. thats roughly one and a half days ride as far away from civilization as i can get.

why the hell would you do something like that?

maybe i watch too many movies. maybe my life lacks adventure, or maybe i'm sick and tired of living around so many fake people... everyone pretending they are exactly what they aren't. sick of the man bringing me down. sick of bills, sick of girls, sick of people, sick of myself trying to fit into people's lives. sometimes you just need to escape it all, y'know? find yourself before you lose yourself. anyways, hopefully i find what i'm looking for. . .

i'll post the pictures when i get back.


vuudoo said...

i smell a spiritual journey.

MICAHMAE said...

come back with some icecream will yaaa? i'm feelin' some thought-provoking conversations and chocolate chip.

MICAHMAE said...

im sick, gimme a couple of days..? by the way, thanks for starting off my birthday weekend. i'm down for icecream anyday :)