Thursday, May 28, 2009

has anyone ever told you two wrongs don't make a right?

people make mistakes, that is their nature. some mistakes outweigh others by a certain degree but they are all mistakes in the end. mistake by definition is a wrong doing or a failure resulting in a deviation of the planned outcome or in simple terms someone did you wrong or messed something up unintentionally(and that is key here UNINTENTIONALLY)

now unintentionally can be interpreted in many different meanings. like they didn't mean to do it, or they did it and realized it was the wrong thing to do, or they did it and later knew it was wrong. any way you want to look at it what i'm trying to say is nobody does something bad or messes up on purpose. if that were true we wouldn't need erasers blah blah you know that whole bit. i hate it when people try to cover up their mistakes with excuses. i guess thats just what kind of society we live in. "NO! YOU CAN'T MAKE MISTAKES!!!" ... "you ruined everything" ... "you're fired!" we need an excuse to cover up our blunders for the simple fact that mistakes are unacceptable. and to a certain extent i agree mistakes should be corrected or else we'd live in a world of disorder and lined out phrases and scribbles. but sometimes there is something beautiful about mistakes . potato chips, corn flakes, play doh, microwaves, all things discovered by accident. sometimes i wonder if erasers really make this world a better place. but there i go going off on a tangent. what i was trying to explain is why do we burn bridges over a mistake? sure they messed up but who doesn't? you might wanna say "well look what she did!" it's our jobs as fellow human beings to forgive, show mercy like you'd want done to you. you wanna tell me "but i never did THAT!" like what was done to you is unforgivable. and maybe you're right maybe it's "unforgivable" then what chance do any of us have? we're all prone to making mistakes, no?
i judge the caliber of a person not on their ability to avoid making mistakes, but on how they treat people who do.. if you say so and so messed up and point a finger then you'd better look at your hand and know there are three more fingers pointing right back at YOU! it's easy to turn your back on someone. it's a lot harder however to say you are forgiven.

a fellow memoir writer recently wrote a blog on how this world could use a bit more understanding, and a little more humility. and it got me to thinking mistakes are natural, forgiving is not. why not take the path less traveled, try something new for a change and forgive. forgive because you make mistakes too. lets try and stop perpetuating this world of "NO! YOU CAN'T MAKE MISTAKES!!!" ... and change it to "i understand."

this has been a blog filled with many random thoughts i hope you got the just of it.

update: this is kind of a bite off another blog i just realized... oh well.


vuudoo said...

i'm stunned, this is deep.

MICAHMAE said...

" i understand " ... :)

MICAHMAE said...

ps: and that verse in micah i told you i liked...?

micah 6:8

reminds me of this blog.