Monday, December 8, 2014


      i'm realizing lately ... everything in life is about truth. the one true underlying factor to all things and interactions boils down to truth. a person can be fake or a person can be real. and it is MUCH harder to be real. we are always encountering new people asking ourselves "what is this person's damage?" because we all have some kind of baggage even the bravest and strongest of us have some kind of hurt or complex we can't let go of. no one is perfect far from it we are mostly weird and messed up it's just that we've all learned how to put on this happy face for the world to see. it's almost like that movie pleasantville everyone wants to show the world they are impervious to pain anger damage. everybody tries sooo hard to be this super-you where you can balance a million things and relationships and make everyone happy and make everyone love you... but what does it all mean? it means to me people are scared of simply being true being REAL. if you let your anger show every time or your sadness every time or your pain and hurt feelings every time how many stupid explosive situations could be avoided. but no.. instead about 80 - 90% of society has this silly ideal of passive aggression... no one wants to dialogue and understand each other.. instead we've settled ourselves with this fucking stupid ass idea of:

 "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."

 i'm sorry mark twain but i bet you were one passive aggressive pompous mother fucker cause that to me tells me you always believe in your own knowledge never to attempt to find a middle ground. once a person thinks they know everything and stops trying to learn(from greater or lesser minds)THAT is when you've become the fool. once you stop learning you will indefinitely stop succeeding and stop growing as a human being. you mine as well be dead if you stop being a student. to me stubborn and stupid are the same word. albeit there is a good kind of stubborn but thats not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about the fucking dumb ass kind of stubborn that refuses to budge an inch in their mentality. those kind of people that are static in their thinking and refuse to change or evolve. they become stuck. rationality is just such a sexy beautiful quality! a rational person hears an argument and weighs the truths in their mind maybe comes to a mutual understanding maybe disagrees but at least they can think critically about whats in front of them. then a dialogue ensues either one of agreement or argument to try and appeal to the opposing human's perspective and help them to see the validity of their view. if you feel passionately about something you fight and you listen to your heart. feelings intuitions are something we forget and ignore favouring our brain's logic... but is this for the better always? we as human animals have the same great instincts as the eagle in the sky that just feels it in his bones there will be fish where he dives. or the same feelings a gazelle has when it feels it is being watched by a lion and bolts like the wind. we as humans have these same great sensibilities that animals in the wild have. because we separated ourselves so far from nature we tend to forget it.

 instead we like to favour our logic over our emotions and instincts which to be honest isn't necessarily always a bad thing. sometimes a person IS simply too fucking stupid to reason with. sometimes a situation IS in vain and frivolous in nature. that is why you know when to fight and when to "not outshine the master" pick and choose your battles as any wise military leader or tactician would. flee one day to overthrow another. but i digress. truth is the one denominating factor of life. those that seek to find and observe the realities and truths will be raised to a new level of consciousness. i sound like a quack but you know what until you try to live life the way i do never running from my feelings never hiding from something i disagree with never being passive instead being active and rise to action you will not understands my words.

 you are stubborn. you are stuck.

 i live life with no regrets and no fear. i fear fear. i rather die standing than live kneeling. my honour my word mean something to me. so i am truthful: if i think someone is lame i let them know and tell them why, if i think someone is cool i praise them and let them know they are a good person. i bully the bullies cause who else will. and if you think i am a hypocrite and a bully myself then go ahead and attack me and my logic and i'll show you how good my heart is how strong my intellect is. it's like i said i am ALWAYS down to dialogue and learn from every encounter. perhaps THAT is why i am this strong... because through facing adversity and overcoming it that is what gives me strength and helps me grow.."what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"(from bushido not dumb song lyric)

 look.. shit happens that is inevitable we will always be faced with problems greater than our capabilities or minds and we can either in the words of master yoda "do or do-not there is no try!" rise or fall but you must try! the way you react counts most because it is your reaction to shitty things that defines you.

 i am not the absolute truth no one or thing is... i prefer to be seen as lower and lesser. always the student never the master i just want to learn and grow every day! so don't blindly believe these words i write instead think about them struggle with them attack them critically with your mind and maybe confront me and lets debate what we see to be true and what to be false. i am NOT stubborn i am VERY rational. come to your own conclusions on what life is to you. a wise man once told me

 "the secret to life is..... we all find our own secret to life."

 have a nice day my beautiful homies. ;)

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