Saturday, October 16, 2010

the box.

a small excerpt from my thoughts notepad:

"they cherish their lovers as you cherish your box.. as the remnants of what remains of your love life floats away from you...


some stand waiting for love to happen. stranded. waiting for some divine wind to blow in their romeo, their juliet. imagine that... as if on a breeze a puff of cloud your dream blew in on a silver plater. some are oblivious to this and stand there and continue to wait asking "where is he?" "where is she?" you silly fool! you wait too long and your chance is gone! fate gives you but one chance to take hold of the reins and if you miss it ... well. you miss it. so many friends so many acquaintances. yet you remain alone. not even the thought of a promise to comfort. but the BOX! the box remains! that thread, that stitch, that remainder of hope in your humanity you have left.."

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