Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i've known for quite some time now i'm basically coasting through life. i don't know what is going on but i have far too little responsibilities besides my job. not that i want anymore, it's just that when you reach a certain age you're expected to have a few choice things accomplished. for one, most of my peers will soon be entering their fourth year in university which means hello graduation and on to bigger better things. while i'm stuck here in the coasting lane. (stupid ryan...) hopefully in the fall i can finally start my first year of post secondary. you see i don't really know what it is that is holding me back?!? finally after 3 years of moping around and sitting on my ass i'm finally beginning to pick up the responsibilities of being a young adult. i must say this is the least fun under taking of my life thus far but... "a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do." i drew a mouse whole on the wall with a sharpie when i was about 4 after watching cartoons all day, and seeing how if you draw a whole it becomes a real whole. my mom ran over and screamed "RYAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!" and at the tender age of 4 those were my words " a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.." naturally my mom was laughing too hard to get mad at me so i got off scott free. now lipstick drawing in the hallway thats a whole different story.

manhood, ooh how i fear and loath you at the same time. it's a horrible curse cast upon every boy after birth. to someday grow up to be a man, to take on a mountain of responsibilities and still manage to find someone worth sharing their life with. girls always complain about how many guys "bother" them... can i have yo numba? etc etc... yea sure there are a lot of grease balls out there. disgusting egotistical self centered one track mind grease balls, ruining it for every guy who just wants to find that one.. girls just go on and on "ugh i just can't get them to stop calling.." how nice would it be if i didn't have to do anything.. and girls would just shower me with attention and compliments, even gross sleazy girls...( lol i'd just tell them to take a hike.) what i'm trying to say is.. guys, we take a lot of flak for a job that is way easier to mess up and way more courageous.

oh well.. c'est la vie.

-get license
-get acceptance letter
-buy car
-keep room clean... :s

-be a man.


adrian said...

nice story about the mouse hole haha
and I feel you on keeping the room clean -_-

terepod said...

you know what? this is my favorite blog of all your posts.

you just bumped up another level on the cool level brother. i'm glad your moving forward with everything and all that is just awesome. hopefully that brings you to hong kong soon. otherwise it'd be,