Tuesday, March 31, 2009


in life sometimes it's necessary for us to wear masks. becoming different people. we do this because we are afraid to not be accepted as we are, or for what we believe in. and don't tell me you don't do this cause everybody EVERYBODY! does.. think like this how you treat your parents as opposed to your friends or how you play a sport as opposed to how you live your life. people sometimes feel the need to be someone else and this is a dangerous thing. sometimes you can create a rift between the worlds almost like a tug of war between the people in your life and the influences. and you're in the centre everyone and every thing is pulling pulling and suddenly you're not in the center where you want to be, you're not anywhere... you're gone. very soon you find yourself lost behind a big ugly mask of who you truly are. my friend said something pretty profound the other day actually i don't think he even meant to say it on purpose. we were just talking about how a person can lose themselves and he was trying to think of an answer and all that came out was

"well... uh.. if you lose your self, you must not know yourself.."

i thought about it for a second then realized the vindication of that statement. only people who aren't grounded in who they truly are are in danger of losing themselves. but life is hard like that. especially at this age you're still trying to find out who you are. and the mold is not set . but if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

it's hard for me to understand why it is people do this... wear masks i mean. people that are essentially good becoming something they aren't for sake of blending in. but since when was blending in such a good thing? like in grade 11 art my teacher gave us each a sheet of paper and asked us to fold it. everyone in the class folded it in half. and he had a genuinely sad and worried face on. and he said "this is where your generation and society are going. look at your papers." (everyone looks at their papers) "i didn't ask you to fold them in half. not even one of you folded adjacent corners or just a small piece. you all did it exactly the same."

and this brings me to my final point. when all the things pull us every which way and we begin to lose who we are that is when we all become the same ugly person. i don't know about you but i do not want to blend in and i do not want to fold my paper like yours or anyone to fold their paper like mine. don't listen to people who say you're doing it wrong. just listen to your heart. because in the end this will make all the difference to who you are.. then you will realize how many people wear masks.


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