Sunday, March 8, 2009

intentions are effed.

it's so hard to understand people's intentions. good or bad, real or fake. i believe this to be one of mankind's fatal flaws. how different this world would be if everyone were just up front about their intentions and feelings.. i like you, i love you, i don't like you, i hate you... would it be a better place?

i love how this blog went from me talking about my life, to me talking about cool stuff, to me being the most emo kid ever, and now it's like the theologian's corner or something. hahahaha

anyways back to the topic at hand. the reason i'm thinking about this suddenly is i really wonder what people know of MY intentions and what the intentions of others are. mostly i worry about people thinking i'm fake. judging others by judging that they must be judging you. pretty messed up right? but it's something we do all the time. how do you know if people are judging you or not? this reminds me a lot of adaptation

this part at 3:22

when charlie is talking to donald about a girl in highschool. "you are what you love, not what loves you."

if life were that easy not to care what other people think. that would be great. but life is not that easy and theres always complications and miscommunications and people get into fights. i'm not a fake person... i love and hurt just like anyone else and i'd say this blog is as clear evidence of that as there is. but just because you know yourself to be a real person it doesn't stop other people from thinking you're fake. and there in lies my whole epiphany. what if people could just be upfront about their intentions. i like you, i love you etc etc you know that whole bit. so yea, what if people could or would do that, and had the freedom or feel free to state their intentions without being thought of as mentally handicapped. thats seems harsh but imagine the situation.

hey man i think you're really cool wanna be friends and then we can hang out and eventually become really good friends and then talk about our problems or just be tight like bros?


hey shoot girl i'm like so amazed how beautiful you are you wanna be friends for a pretty long time so then eventually i can ask you out and we can have weird names for each other and so i can hold you when you're sad or scared or cold.

like wtf NO! see you feel awkward just reading that. but my question is what would life be like if that could actually happen? would it be better or worse. think about it. and to anyone who reads this I'M NOT FAKE DAMN IT!


joymoreno; said...

yo man this is one of the things that is so hard to accomplish but so worth all the weird crap people say about you. But i've been trying for years. don't think what the situation would be IF everyone would or could be up front with their feelings. Just try to live it and soon everyone will follow.

ps. whoever said you were fake obviously doesn't know you well enough. you're the realest person i know.

LV said...

"you are what you love, not what loves you." - grad quote.

alexus said...

your blogs are so cute!

MICAHMAE said...

i secretly like how we're strangers to each other, but not to the topic of relationships. hahah.