Tuesday, February 17, 2009

life in a nutshell, or lifes IN a nutshell

relationships and girls can be so complicated! holy crap.
i don't understand how to do that whole "play them hot and cold" thing. like treat em like gold treat em like crap. i don't understand it. i can't toy with someone's emotions like that. if i like someone they will know that i like them. i'm not going to play games with your heart. and i don't understand how some girls like that.... thats all there is to it.

i'm a lot like that old school love. i'm totally not cut out for this "seeing someone" one week and giving them the cold shoulder the next. and i can't handle these girls these days. as much as i'm drawn to them i could just really go for some monogamy.. cause thats what kinda person i am. i expect loyalty because i give loyalty. is this such a crazy concept?

but damn i am lonely. you know the stage is really set for some girl to sweep me off my feet. hahaha . i wish..
so often the sweeper and so seldom the sweep(y)? whatever.

and another thing!! what is up with cute girls and pressuring me! what the heck! it's like they know i won't be able to turn them down! i'm so frustrated by this.. from now on i'm just going to ignore every human being on this planet with a vagina! except my mom.  

ah life and it's egocentricity's i laugh at these females! ha-ha-HA!  no more mind control you want something you better do it yourself! "i'm a man with pride you don't to sh*t like that?!"
the trouble is how do you differentiate between the ones that want to mess with you and the ones that have genuine intentions of friendship.  life you kill me.. why so complicated . i thought girls were made from the ribs of a man so as to always protect the mans heart. huh?! where ya at now genesis !!! hahaha you know i'm just playin God..

someone want to clarify something for me. where have all the good girls gone?


NesNesY'all said...

I killed them all, they annoyed me. But I regret killing them all because the ones now are even more annoying. Sorry Ryan.

HAHA! I agree with you on this post though. I witness it all the time.

PS: Hi!

MICAHMAE said...

True that. But to forget is to move past it, to forgive is to let go. And right now, nothing seems easy. But you're right, s'all the Big Man. Thanks.

& No, I sorta like that you read my blogs once in a while. You're like one in a million, haha.

By the sounds of it, you're not having the smoothest time with relationships either, huh. I gotchu there. And loyalty is no crazy concept - just misplaced. & the good girls? We've gotten ripped by jerks, so we hide. Maybe that's why the good girls and the good guys never find each other. Haha.

PS: Casal's First Week of A Breakup's pretty good. I must've had that on replay a few times, AT LEAST. Haha.

vuudoo said...

joe - good girls

vuudoo said...

i mean, joe - good girls