Sunday, January 2, 2011


the happiness of secular life is so fleeting. i find myself so bored of it all.

when you take a step back and you see how plainly linear everything is, life following everyone else's template just seems so trivial.

here you are living your life working your job getting an education dating eventually getting married settling down etc etc.. it's nice and all but the period to the sentence is death. and we're all so busy achieving this picturesque model of living we forget that we are all dying. we're all bound to die some day. day by day we are dying as if life is a disease and by the second it is eating away at our existence on this planet. have you ever thought about this ; do you know who your grand father's father was? what he was like, what his dreams were, what kind of father he was, what he achieved? if so how about his father? or the father of his father? i greatly doubt you can even conceptualize your great grand father's life.

if that is true we are talking about being forgotten within the next 100 years. and everything you've worked hard for, everything you've strived to become is little more than a breeze in the wind. dust. a few random particles of carbon resembling our dna. i'm so mystified at how well everyone runs from their fate. disillusioned thinking they'll live forever be remembered forever... it's just stupid to me. even if you are remembered someday what will it be for? a thought is like a butterfly, faint, flickering, fleeting and before you know it gone. and so if this all seems a bit overly doom and gloom for you let me get to my point.

you will never be as important as you are right now.

right now this second. as each breath passes through your body and you are reading this sentence you are as important as you will ever be! because right now is when you are the realest. right now is when you can be a part of someone's life, a part of many people's lives.. and not just a thought faint-flickering-fleeting. someone can say your name and you will be felt. an emotion! you can reach out and hold someone, touch someone. when the blood is warm in your veins THAT is when you are the most important you that you will ever be. you can work hard to becoming whatever it is you want to achieve but you will never get there until you realize what right now means to you..

remember when you die would you rather be surrounded by the people you've loved or be alone on top of mount everest. achievements are pointless without someone to recognize them. it is my contention that people are far more important than achievements.

i hate when people live their lives hiding from their shadow's.

if you aren't living you're dying..