Tuesday, October 13, 2009


i think most peoples perception of me is that i do not have trouble with relationships and concurrently do not have trouble with girls. well i don't know why people have this perception of me because it couldn't be further from the truth. i'm rather socially awkward and extremely timid. as for girls, well, there isn't much of anything going on there... when it comes to people i generally take a while to warm up to them before i feel comfortable enough to speak freely, and for girls... i probably have the maturity of a seventh grader.. i mean in the approach that is. socially awkward as they come folks. next to the definition of awkward in the dictionary is a picture of me with "urr...uhh.. umm... uh... urr.. uh..... uh... well.." under it. it doesn't help that all girls are fundamentally insane. i mean lets not kid ourselves here when i found out girls bleed out their baby makers once a month i was a bit traumatized as it is. all these years later not too much has changed. the female mind is probably the best argument to Newtonian law.. you know "every action has an equal and opposite re-action blah blah." yea right. there is just no clear answer to why they do what they do. see girls play games guys are too stupid to understand. i'm straight shooter, if there is something i want i go for it. so the female logic of playing games makes about as much sense as a butt hole on your elbow.

you think one day you're gonna wake up and you're gonna know. but you're WRONG! you see it in movies and tv and they all say when you find that 'one' the bells and whistles go off and you call this word 'fate' and it is good and it is destiny..
but sometimes.. fate is .. fate is creating a bridge of chance to the one you love.

we each have destinies i don't doubt that. some people wait far too long searching the skies for the fireworks to go off, when at your feet lay the flowers of yesterday. trains leave stations thats just how life goes.. if you don't hop on for the ride you just stay right there.

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Jay said...

a locker room conversation not too long ago touched upon this subject about 'you think one day you're gonna wake up and you're gonna know'

..story goes 2 guys go to a mcdonalds where the first guy orders his meal.. the girl behind the counter, modest, and not a bombshell to say the least begins to flirt with him.. the guy at the counter inexperienced and not sure what to do shrugged it off because she was not 'pretty enough'.. maybe modest was going to far lets just call the girl ugly.

anyways after both guys get their meals they proceed towards the exit where the 2nd guy goes 'why did you shrug off that girl behind the counter?'

the first guy replies.. 'well.. she wasn't all that great looking..'

and the second guy goes.. 'so?... how the hell are you going to learn if you focus all your efforts on the pretty ones?'

anyways.. moral of the story.. if your single and inexperienced.. hit on any female in the vacinity :o